19. April 2013

Manatea :)

Hey there!

I love animals, that look fat. And I love to drink tea. And I love to stroll through the internet to discover unnecessary stuff. So I found this:
Quelle: http://craziestgadgets.com
Sadly I coudn't find it for a good price to ship to Gemany. But maybe you will, so let me know :) ! I just hope the cold and grey days are finally over and I can look for it again in fall.
I'm looking forward to a clumsy animal, sitting in my teacup to cheer me up, when it's cold outside and lets me think about sunny days in Florida....

♥  Anne


  1. Hey!!! ich hab genau diesen Wal heute in nem Shop in der Schanze gesehen (Susannenstraße. Dieser Laden so mega viel Kram hat). Es gab auch noch mehr Tiere zur Auswahl!!!!

  2. huch... ist wohl eher ein seehund... whatever.. es gibt beide!!


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