22. Mai 2013

Daruma Hamburg

This isn't supposed to be a cooking and eating blog. But due to the weather (which is rainy and cold most of the time right now), me and my friends are easily satisfied with cooking at my place or going out to try out some restaurant.
That's why I want to say some word to the very delicious restaurant Daruma, which you can find in walking distance to the Deichtorhallen.
Well, I have to admit, that the furnishing really reminds me of the 70ies, even though I was born in the 80ies. The dominant colours are brown and orange and if you can't cut these out, it may not a good place for you to hang out. I was sceptical too, but in the end we we're enyoing our time for about three hours there. So it's possible to leave the colors behind.
One important factor for staying so long were the most friendly japanese waitresses. They were so kind and nice that we felt like we came to their home to spend some time there.
The second point was the food. It is super delicious.
I'm gonna show you some pictures. Sadly I forgot my camera so I took them with my phone. I apologize for that!

Salmon with special spices, rice ~ 15€

fried vegetables with sauce ~13€ (you can see one of the beautiful chinese lanterns reflecting in the sauce. The ceiling was covered with them)

Tempura Soba (buckweat noodles with fried shrimp) ~ 17€

We were all very satisfied with the food and the terrible looking brown chairs were extremly confortable so we stayed for some hours chatting and laughing. It was such a nice evening.
I would highly recommend the Daruma if you want to try some japanese food apart from sushi (which you can also order there).
If you have any further questions, feel free to leave a comment.




  1. Oh Yeah! It looks so cozy and homelike. I will go there soon!!
    Btw: I love the design of the 70s :D

  2. It is a great; visual strange; restaurant to enjoy extraordinary food. But don`t be afraid of dead insects falling down from the ceiling.


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