3. Juni 2013

Harry Potter acceptance letter from Hogwarts DIY

sorry- because I'm not good at magic spells yet, the adress hasn't vanished so well...:/
Me and my (blogger) friend Em Ka attended a kind of a flashmob which was announced on the platform Kleiderkreisel (which is a great website to sell and buy stuff). It was adressed to all the Harry Potter fans out there to make a acceptance letter for Hogwarts to a random person or a friend you know, who would love to get one.
We invested one afternoon to make them and it was harder as we thought it would be. After a while full of depressing tries of different techiques which didn't work out (because the ink would just pass off or my printer wouldn't accept to print on our prepared paper) we figured something out, which I would like to show you.

First we prepared the paper. We made some coffee and jused a baking brush to cover the sheets with coffee. After they were soaky, we put them on a rag in the oven for a couple of minutes on 200°C.

Our trick was to leave one of the ends plain white so the printer won't have trouble to pull in the paper. We cut this part of the paper in the end because for us the size of the paper didn't matter.

After the paper was dry, we cleaned the sheets from the coffee powder. Continue to make as much paper as you need. We used three sheets per letter, which I will explain later.

I downloaded some special looking fonts from this website: http://www.mugglenet.com/downloads/fonts/index.shtml They explain it quite well how to install them on your computer. 
How I said we decided to make three pages for the Hogwarts letter:
The first one was the acceptance letter itself, signed my McGonagall. The second letter was the lists of books and utilities you need for your first year at Hogwarts.
I especially love the letter from the Ministry of Magic, which says, that duw to Muggels who saw Magic happen, the magicians have to be careful, so they don't send the letter by owl but with the regular Muggle post. 
If you write the letters in English, you can copy the texts here: http://www.mediafire.com/view/zty8b167atnqjce/Hogwarts_Acceptance_Letter.docx.doc
We decided to write them in german. 
In addition we made a ticket for the Hogwarts Express. If you like to have my template, feel free to ask for it :)

Some of the pages

Ticket for the Hogwarts Express

working process- almost done
Acceptance letter

Shopping list

Letter from Percy Weasley - Undersecretary to the Misister of Magic
We also made a seal

Ready to send!
 I hope you like the little DIY project I made. Our friends were really surprised and loved them!



  1. THX! for mentioning me in your post and refering to my blog ♥

    I am still very glad that we figured out finally how to print the letters! :D

  2. Ein echt cooles DIY, über so einen Brief würde ich mich auch freuen (;
    Liebe Grüße


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