30. Juni 2013

Magic Hour App

 Hello my friends,

Well, I like to take pictures with my phone from time to time, so I want to share some with you.

For those pictures, I tried the free magic hour app. It's a nice tool to test some filters on your pictures. I give you some filter examples which come free with the app. You can also download 3 filters of your choise from a huge database.
When you want to download as much filters as you like it costs less than 2€. I think I will get this app in a while. You can also design filters on your own and upload them for others to download them. So the other filters you can download are from other users. That's why there are so many filters to choose from!
The programme is very easy to handle and it's fun to play around with it!
So feel free to write some comments, if you like the app or not. I really recommend it! Have fun!


This happend by accident-but isn't it a lovely pic?

Gorgeous meringue cake from my roommate

Save the best for last!

First aspargus of the season. Boyfriend makes the best hollandaise sauce

Frozen Yoghurt in Bremen

Turk and JD, Selma and Louise or Vanne and Anne

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