15. Juni 2013

Rock am Ring in pictures 1

My experience in a few words and pictures:

gathering stuff, establish home for 4 days

drinking beer, getting to know our camp neighbors

best weather on the first day: sunbrun! Being creative to get some protective shadow

Never saw so many people in one place before!

Enjoying Fun.

In love with Fettes Brot

30 Seconds To Mars being epic

Papa Roach from close by
Spotted morphsuit trackable during the pouring rain

Biffy Clyro - fantastic as always (not just because they were half naked)

Getting to know new friends

Wow! The weather! Yes, it is foggy!
Sitting for a dry while. Food

Goodbye! People leaving everything behind.

I also took some pictures with a disposable camera, which will follow once I developed them.


1 Kommentar:

  1. Hey,
    Das freut mich sehr, danke! Schön wenn ich dich inspirieren konnte :).
    Ohh, Rock am Ring war bestimmt toll, ich würde so gern auch wieder auf ein Festival, leider habe ich dafür erst nächstes Jahr wieder Zeit.

    Liebe Grüße, Melanie


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