31. Juli 2013

bike tour

Hey guys!

Sorry for not posting in a while. There is a lot going on right now: I have to do stuff for university, I'm working, visiting friends and getting visited my friends....summertime is a good time! I'm really enjoying the heat and celebrate the summer in Germany. We waited for this for years!
Another fact which let's me feel very excited is, that I will go to the US in the middle of august! I can't wait!! I hope I will manage a "Getting excited- getting prepared!" post. So we will see. At least I will take a ton of pictures there so be EXCITED!! :D
Still, I love to be outside these days. I had a friend over for a weekend and we did a very nice bike tour! I managed round about 30km, which I found impressive because I wasn't on my bike for month.
Here are the pictures we took!

Have a great rest of the week. Tomorrow I will see a special friend again, who I didn't see for almost a year now. Wow! Love to see you soon darling

♥ Anne

stupid red dot -.-

Thanks Sarah for this picture



  1. Ich mag deine Haare :)
    Schöner Blog, liebe Grüße, Bella.

    Ps.: wie wäre es mit gegenseitigem verfolgen?

  2. oh yes,wounderful hair darling ♥

  3. dankeschön! :)
    die lichtstimmung auf dem letzten bild ist ja toll!
    lg <3

    Lichtblicke Fotografie

  4. danke dir für dein kommentar :)
    falls es dich interessiert, das kleid ist von brandy&melville !
    echt süße bilder mit tollem licht !


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