24. Juni 2013

First photo experiences

Hello my friends,

I've been in Marburg again. A wonderful friend of mine told me about this kind of event called "Zaungucker", which basically means, that you can look over the fence into the garden. So this meant this really beautiful and somehow magical garden was open for anyone to visit. I saw the great oppotunity to try out my new camra. It's a Canon 600d and I soon realized, that I had so much to learn about the big oppotunities which sleep behind this black case and just wait to wake up and show me how helpful they are to present a firework of colors, contrast and brilliance on a photo. Yes, this sounds very poetic, but I'm sure to reach this goal on a long steady way!
Well, at least I took some pictures which turned out to be nice. I'm of course very critical and want to be a talent from the first second-but I'm not.
Anyway, let the pictures talk for themselves so I can be reminded in a few years, what a untalented photographer I was. They are not photoshopped, just the pure pictures I took.
I hope you still get an expression, how enchanting this garden is.
Thank you lovely garden owner to allow me to take some pictures!


P.S.: I hope my blog will get some mentioning on this blog to get more readers :) :

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  1. What a beautiful garden! almost as magical as alice's wonderland. It's always nice to discover those places! :D


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