22. Juli 2013

YUM spinach-ricotta gnocchi with a creamy cheese sauce YUM

Hey there,

First of all I want to say, that I was very surprised, that I got some new readers in the last days! This made me very happy and I hope you will stay with me for a while ♥ Thank you for reading my blog! 

Everytime my boyfriend and me are together we love to try out new recipies. This one is actually one he knows from his mom but he changed it a bit. It was very easy, cheap and delicious...so it had all the most important features a meal should have :)

This is what you need: (for 2 portions)

For the gnocchi:

100g weat flour
100g semolina
250g ricotta
600g fresh spinach (this seems to be a lot, but when you cook it, you will be surprised how much                  it shrinks)
50g granted parmesan
1 egg
2-3 green onions
Salt and pepper

For the sauce:

flour + butter for the roux
150g aromatic cheese
200ml of the water, where the spinach cooked in + broth powder as much you like

And this is how you make it:

Begin with the gnocchi. Boil water in a big pot for the spinach with a little salt. Also start to let another big pot of water boil, for the gnocchi which you will make later. Wash the spinach and set aside. Also cut the cheese and the onions into little pieces.
Roast the onions a little. Cook the spinach until it's done. Mix the flour and the semolina. Add the onions, the ricotta, the spinach, the parmesam and the egg. Knead the mixture well (CAUTION! It can be hot, because of the spinach!). Now the tricky part starts. When the water in the second pot boils, take two spoons and try to make little balls of dough with them. Put the raw gnocchi in the pot and take them out, when they swim on top of the water. It will not take long.
When you're not cooking alone, one person can do the gnocchi part and the other one can prepare the sauce now. (If you are cooking alone, you can start the sauce after making the gnocchi. The sauce will not take long!)

For the roux you take one tbsp butter and let it heat in a pan. It should be warm, not boiling hot! Add approximately one tbsp flour and stir well. Then add 200ml of the spinach broth and the cheese. Wait as long as the cheese melted. Spice it up with some granted pepper. Serve.

Guten Appetit!

♥ Anne

Knead it well!

It should look like this!

Preparing the gnocchi

Yummy cheese sauce-already done!

Can you tell, how well this smells?


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