15. August 2013

Getting excited - Columbus, OH

Hello everybody,

less than a day and I will be in the US again. I really can't imagine it yet, although I'm very nervous all the time (I guess, that's also because I have the approach path very close to my home). We booked the tickets early this year and now the event is sooo close! Yay! I will be there for just 2 weeks, but be prepared for a ton of pictures afterwards!
I've been an aupair after I graduated high school and it was surely the best year of my life.
So, I'm so excited to see my host family again, which means a lot to me. The kids ( I sitted 5) really grew up and I will feel like a dwarf between them (I'm 1,65m and the older boys are about 1,90m!!)
Even though you may not know the city of Columbus, I want to show you why I fell in love with the city.
(Sadly, it was the time I took more pictures of myself and others than of the places I went. Screw you past me!!)

I'm packing right now. What you shouldn't miss and forget when you do such a trip:

  • have a valid passport
  • do the Esta programm beforehand
  • get information about how big the suitcase should be and how heavy (mine was actually too big so my roommate lend me hers!!) Get one of these special US-Security-locks for your suitcase. Don't use any other because they will break them open!!
  • Take everything which means a lot to you on your carry-on luggage! 
  • get some dollars beforehand. I choosed "Reisebank" which had US-$ on stock. Please ask your bankfor the changing conditions and how long you have to wait to get the money
  • get adapter
  • make lists! For everything. Thing you want to pack, things you want to see, things you still have to buy, things you have to get arranged (will your plants will be watered etc.)
  • I got an  health insurance for abroad just today. It's really cheap and worth the little price and efford when you travel often
  • Buy gifts for friends and family
  • I will definately do a lot of shopping so I justed packed outfits for one week. I will also have a washing mashine avaiable. Take less, shop more. Even wear old shoes which you may throw away later
  • Put everything that my break in a plastic bag and then cover it with your clothes. Find boxes to put stuff in. There ist also the possibility to wet some toilet paper, cover the thing (a vase) in it and let it dry over night. This is a really safe method!
  • Take a lot of things which keep you busy during the flight and layover. I choosed my Nintendo 3DS as well as some audiobooks. 14hrs traveltime can be hard when you are alone. I hope for someone nice sitting next to me (hoping for an abercrombie model, just sitting there, naked and I can stare at him all the time!) Don't forget all the charging cables!!!
  • If you need medicine and luquids cosmetics during your travel, keep it in a zip-lock-bag in your carry on luggae. Everything else goes in the other bag!
  • The airplane has air conditioning. Whatever the weather is outside, take something warm! Last time during my long-distance flight I got the worst cold ever! That's why I choosed my batman sweater for the trip. Nice and comfy.
  • make sure to have enough memory cards and sticks with you for all the pictures!

    First ones of the season. I hope it will be the perfect gift!

    My travel outfit

    Charging everything!!
    How you can see, I just bought the best chocolate in town :) I hope my list is complete...if you miss anything, just comment. I'm really exhausted because of the past days and can't really think right now.
I will try to keep you updated about my trip, but for now I'm tired and I will got to sleep. The more sleep I get, the better!

Lots of love,



  1. ziemlich nützlich dieser post!! ich denke, ich werden ihn bis mai nächsten jahres auswendig lernen :D

    wünsch dir viel spaß!!!!!

  2. Dankesehr! :)

    Ja, das ist ganz schlimm.
    Dieses Mädchen ist einfach so beneidenswert
    schön und gleichzeitig voller Selbstzweifel.
    Manchmal frage ich mich, was sie eigentlich
    für eine Selbstwahrnehmung hat.
    Fast schon traurig irgendwie :/

    Liebe Grüße :)

  3. Awwww... Viel Spaß! ich würde auch so gerne mal wieder in die USA!


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