18. September 2013

Favorite Food places in the US- Chipotle

Hello my friends!

How do I welcome fall? With the flu  -_-' . I'm lying in bed now for three days, not encouraging to do anything. Today I feel much better so I decided to show you my favorite food places in Columbus. This shouldn't be a ranking, I like them all different and in different situations.

I really miss mexican food the most in Germany. Avocados just don't taste as well here. If you ever have the chance to eat some overseas just do! You will taste the difference!
So first we have my favorite mexican restaurant: Chipotle. I had the chance when I was in London a few years ago, to have some there at the first Chipotle in Europe. What can I say? It was good, but different.

We decided to get a salat with beans, rice, sour cream, guacamole tomato salsa and cheese

Sweet lemonade mmm sweet lemonade (Minute Maid)

These are Tortilla Chips sprinkled with lemon juice and salt.

Best guacamole in the back and spicy dressing for the salat

funny napkin

So basically in the beginning you can choose between salat, tacos and burritos and them put everything on it you like e.g. different kinds of meat, rice, beans, veggies, lettuce, salsas, etc.. So I decided to go with a veggie salat (It's not that hard to be veggie if you know the right places to go).
Chipotle has a new campaign right now " Food with integrity". It's all about good food and where it comes from. I think it's very important for big chains to let the customers know, where they get their food and they try to get good meat without antibiotics and stuff. So that was great to see for me and another reason to go there. Check out their website for more information.

Talk to you later about more food.



  1. Wow..... now i am very hungry.... very hungry :)

    get well soon :*

  2. Ich habe deinen Blog gerade entdeckt und dich direkt mal für den Best Blog Award getaggt. Vielleicht hast du ja Lust mitzumachen.


    Liebe Grüße ♥

  3. Uuuhi ich finde Guacamole sooo lecker, das Essen sieht generell total gut aus, schöne Fotos!

    Liebe Grüße, Wyonna

  4. Hallihallo - ich hab dich für einen Blog-Award nominiert :-)

    Viel Spass damit :-)



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