5. September 2013

I'm back

Hello friends,

so, after recovering from my jetlag and getting my last paper of this semester done for university I finally have time to share my great USA trip with you!
All I can say in the beginng is, that those were two wonderful weeks. I haven't experienced such a loving, caring and harmonic atmosphere in a long time...let's say maybe 4 years? I surely had some really great days here in Germany, too, but I never felt overall positive. Can you somehow compare whatI want to say?
How I warned you, I will make some post about the US. I hope you will find it as interessting to learn something from one of my favorite cities, where I spend the best times of my life yet.

The first park we visited was The Topiary Park. The park is inspired by the painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Isle of La Grande Jatte by George Seurat. You can get more information about the park on their website (yes, in the US even parks have websites! Find a menu of a german restaurant- Viel Glück!) /http://www.topiarygarden.org/

I wanted to take more pictures, but it rained really bad for some time.

Enjoy the first glimpse of Columbus downtown.



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