30. September 2013

Sushi Sunday- how to make sushi... with a big family

Hello my friends,

it's time for a food post again! I want to present you - how to make sushi with five kids :)
You can also use this "how to make" if you are alone of course, I just wanted to share some host family moments. I really didn't know how the kids would react to the idea, but they were addicted pretty quickly so we had a ton of sushi in a short time. They were from the ages 7-18 so it's something to basically do in every age. It's really fun to make sushi with a lot of people because it is so easy and quick then.

You need 2 cups uncooked rice for 10 sheets of nori. One sheet makes one roll of sushi which you can cut into 6 nice pieces. I would guess an adult would eat 2-3 rolls. I hope this instruction is a little useful and you can relate to the amount you and your guests would eat. We usually make too much sushi for one meal- but can you ever have to much sushi?

This is a list of things I like to put into my sushi. You really don't need much of every ingredient because you will cut it in small stripes! It's hard to give a mesurement for it, but when you think it's too less it's probably still enough. That's my experience and how I said, I always have too much!

Ingredients for the sushi we made:
  • bamboo mats
  • rice
  • rice vinegar
  • salt/sugar
  • cucumber
  • fresh tuna
  • fresh salmon (you will eat the fish raw, so be sure where to buy it!)
  • cream cheese (use slices if you can get them e.g. "Exquisa")
  • strawberries (really?? OH YES!!)
  • crab sticks
  • carrots
  • avocado
  • roasted sesame seeds
  • pickled ginger if you like (you eat it in between, so you mouth is neutralized for the next piece)
  • wasabi if you like
  • soy sauce

How to make it:

1. Boil the rice until it is sticky. When it cooled down mix 2 party of vinegar with 1/2 part of sugar and 1/2 part of salt (or 1 tbsp. of vinegar and 1 tsp. of salt and sugar. You have to try out how much taste on the rice you will like.)

2. Cut everything in small stripes. You have to scrape out the inner part of the cucumber so the harder part ist left.

3. Place a nori wrap on the bamboo mat. Cover the whole sheet with rice. You can use your hands for it but make sure to wet them so the rice doesn't stick to your hand.  Make the layer of rice as thin as you can. We usually leave a small strip on the bottom of the sheet, where we place the ingredients later. You spread the roasted sesame seeds on the rice if you like.
This is my favorite: Tuna, strawberry and cream cheese!

4. Now the most tricky part starts- roll up the sushi! It becomes easier onces you know how to. Grab the sheet on the part where you placed your ingredients together with the bamboo mat. Try to roll up the part, where the ingredients are in kind off quickly and press it on the rice part. Use a little pressure so the rolls will not fall apart later. After the first part, roll up the whole sheet with the help of the bamboo mat. Look at the pictures to understand how to do it :)

Lift up sushi wrap and bamboo mat

try to wrap the button part up, use some pressure

roll up the whole sheet to make a roll!

5. In the end you just have to cut the rolls in 5-6 pieces. The ending usually don't look that nice so they are often eaten first ;) Present all your pieces nicely on a big plate with some soy sauce and wasabi. Enjoy!

Doesn't this look fun?

We had about 4 plates like this one

Please let me know if you find my instructions helpful or confusing :) I tried my best to explain it to you! You can leave the leftovers for at least one day in the fridge if you used fresh fish. Please don't keep it longer because of salmonella! Crab should be fine 1-2 days longer as well as vegetarian ones.
My hostkids reactionwhen they tried their first homemade sushi: This has to become a tradition! Sushi sunday!
Can you get a better compliment?

What are your favorite ingredients for sushi?



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