20. Oktober 2013

lovely fall

Hello friends,

the new semester started last week and I'm all stressed out already. So I want to show you some pictures of the south of Germany where I went for a few days in my holidays. I travelled in and around Speyer and I got the chance to collect a ton of mushrooms in the Palatinate Forest. We collected champignons, chanterelles and a ton of porcinos. It was so fun collecting them, because my boyfriend and his grandpa really know all kinds of mushrooms and which are eatable and which are not. So if you are going to plan to collect some mushrooms make 100% sure you know what you are going to collect and eat! At the beginning we thought we wouldn't find any, but then they almost didn't fit in our little basket.
So with my pictures I want to get you in the mood for fall season. Hope you enjoy it as long as the temperatures are mild and the sun is out for some hours.

Love, Anne

Great contrast - green and pinkish

Great textures


fly agaric - not eatable

before we found all of the great porcinos

big porcino


  1. Hallo Anne,
    danke für deinen Kommentar.
    Hast du vielleicht eine Email Adresse?
    Dann kann ich dir den html code gleich mitschicken, das geht in den Kommentaren nicht.

  2. Das Photo mit der Holztextur ist super. Sie kommt hervorragend raus!

  3. wow... wunderschöne bilder, einfach perfekt und dein blog ist einfach so toll :))<3
    schau doch auch mal bei uns vorbei, würde uns richtig freuen:**
    liebe grüße


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