24. November 2013

sunny fall in Hamburg

Hello my friends,

today my mood was lifted up by the beautiful weather outside. So I really wanted to take pictures again and my beautiful friend Vanessa helped me again. The sun felt so good on my face. I just enjoyed the day.

To live for the moment really helps me in those difficult times I have.

I can assure you, I have so many things to organize which I really didn't choose to do but I have to do them. Death is in more than one way something very difficult to manage.
So when I already have to do so many things I really don't like or which are also pretty hard for me, I think I have the right to choose what I like to do, when I have the time. I mean, everyone has the right to decide what's good for themselve. I just think a lot of people don't take themselves so seriously. You really need some YOU time. So take it! It doesn't need complicated circumstances to realize it. I encourage you to think more often about YOURSELF and what YOU feel like doing!

Have a great week!


scarf Zara/ bag Stradivarius/ coat (old) h&m/ boots (very old) Goertz 17/ pant h&m/ necklace ebay/ pullover (old) h&m

P.S.: I did a lot of advertising for my blog today so you can find some blog reviews right here (Photoworld) here (sixbillionfaces) here (day wih love) and here (diamonds aren't forever) ;)


  1. Hallo!!!! Oh ich sehe, ihr hattet einen schönen Tag! Ich habe die Sonne auch genossen! Super Bilder übrigens!! ♥

  2. Wunderschöne Fotos! Dein Blog ist wirklich zauberhaft, ich habe dich für den Best Blog Award nominiert! :)

    Alles Liebe - Lea

    1. Ich nehme dir das nicht Böse :))
      & du hast eine neue Leserin !

  3. der Schal ist super. das zweite Foto gefällt mir besonders gut, deine Augen kommen so gut zur Geltung!


  4. Es ist auf jedenfall wichtig, Zeit für sich zu nehmen, da hast Du Recht! :) Ich mag Deine Fotos übrigens total, die sind trotz des "kälteren" Outfits mit Mantel und Schal, irgendwie wärmeausstrahlend :)
    Ganz liebe Grüße zurück aus HH :)

  5. Sehr schöne Fotos, ach Hamburg ist soo schön!
    Liebe Grüße


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