1. Dezember 2013

Do something good - gooding.de

Hello my friends,

Everyone is doing it at some point and everyone is talking about it right now: I talk about Christmas shopping.

I guess you already saw (if not, you will see it now) a new box in my sidebar. That's because I want to share a great website with you which I highly recommend for your further online shopping.
The website is called gooding.de and it makes it possible to easily spend money on your favorite online stores and simultaneously donate some money to an association of your choise.

This is basically it. Not more or less. You find this on top of the website.
There are a lot of online shops and organisations to choose from.
I highly recommend to support tatkräftig.org. It is a association located in Hamburg and they basically find and organize helpful people to do some volunteer work for people in need. So it's something from people of the city for people in the city. I really love this idea, that's why I applied for an internship at this association and I will work there next year. I'm really looking forward to this time and I hope it will give me a ton of joy for my life again.

So please consider to click on gooding.de before you do your online shopping next time :) It's really easy to use!
You can also use the box on my sidebar to get some more information about gooding or about tatkräftig.org.

Best wishes,


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