17. Dezember 2013

My experience with Quorn- Vegetarian asian dish

Hey friends,

sorry, that I'm not spoiling you with any christmassy posts. I don't want to find any excuses....I'm just not in the mood ;)

Well, when I went for a quick grocery shopping I bought this "new" veggie product which is called Quorn. I like to try out new meat analogues. After a little research I found out that it was forbidden to sell and buy in Germany for a long time. It was invented in the UK. Quorn is made out of a certain kind of fungus.
I chose the Chicken style pieces (Geschnetzeltes), because I thougt I can easily use them in a sauce with some noodles I had at home. First I tried one little piece uncooked -yieks!

Don't try that! Seriously! (Maybe I should have read the instruction where it said- DON'T EAT UNCOOKED...well, I know why now!)
It a really weird mouldy-sour taste which I maybe remembered too well, when I was eating the cooked meal.

Because I'm really busy working for the last days I decided to make something easy for dinner. How I said, I had some instant sauce at home, some fine chinese noodles, carrots and champignions (a really fungi meal, isn't it?) . I was suprised that a sauce for honey-sesame-chicken is vegan! That was a surprise. So I did a vegan meal without knowing it.
First I fried the Quorn pieces in a pan with some oil until they were a little brownish. Then I added the sauce powder and water and also the carrots. The mushrooms followed a bit after with the noodles so they are still firm in the end. On the box they said, that the pieces have to cook for 12 minutes (what an odd declaration). So after 12 minutes I could try my meal.

Let me say it like this: I wasn't overwelmed. I already tried a lot of meat analogues and I have to say I'm not a fan of this one. Maybe how I said I still had the bad taste from the beginning still in mind or it was just too much for one single dish- I don't know. The texture is not so bad, it actually reminds me of chicken. But I'm not so hyped about the taste of it. The maggi sauce was good though :) I really can recommend the sauce in the bag.

Maybe I would give a diffent Quorn product a try. There are not as many products avaiable here in Germany than you can find in the UK for example. I guess that's because they just started to sell theier products here in 2012. You can see that for example the product variety of Valess is much bigger now after a few years (I love Valess by the way. If you like, I can write a review about it too in some time) (I'm using a lot of brackets, don't I?)

 I hope you enjoyed my little product test. Ask me anything you like.

Have a good last week before Christmas!


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  1. I'm curious... did you check the ingredients on the quorn package? I find that all their products I have looked at since turning vegan use egg or egg powder and are therefore not suitable for vegan cuisine. Which is a shame because I think they are rather tasty! ;) xx yaga


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