30. Januar 2014

Outfit inspiration for the not so cold january


I'm very glad that winter in Germany is not super cold. Here is a little sample of things I'm wearing, would wear or really like these days.


1. Fatimas Hand necklace from aliexpress 2. long sweater from h&m - perfect for wearing any kind of leggings 3. Fedora Hat from urban outfitters- simply goes with everything. I hope people will wear more hats like in the 50ies!! 4. Chelsea Boots from ebay - they look stunning! Love those! 5. Flower bag from ebay - Great accessory for simple outfits like this 6. suede look alike leggins from aliexpress - I simply love this fabric!


  1. die chelsea boots sind ein traum<3

  2. cooles Outfit! Ich bin ein totaler Hutfan. Love L.


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